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May 29, 2006
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Anna has too much to eat: The next day

Anna woke up the next morning, after the binging. Her belly was still roundish and firm, although not as big as it was the previous night. She laid in bed rubbing her small round belly, as if she was pregnant. Her belly was just pulling her panties waistband out a bit. This made her horny again, and wondered what she was going to do on her day off. She looked around the room and worked out a plan. A basic plan - EAT BIG.

She got out of her bed and made her way to the kitchen to see what she could start off the day with. She found a few packets of pancake mixture, and a half full container of ice cream, so started to cook the pancakes on the stove.

Previously one would've been enough for her, but this time she was cooking up six of them. While the pancakes were being cooked, she made a huge chocolate milk shake, one that most people buy as a couple and share, to have for herself. Once all the pancakes were cooked, she piled on scoop loads of ice cream and maple syrup, just to add to the calories. She sat down at the dinning table and started guzzling down all the pancakes. She could feel her belly slowly expand again with the food intake, her belly starting to fill up her lap.
She looked down at her belly. Previously she used to have a flat belly belly and she would have a good view of her undies or top of her pants usually. But now her belly was starting to take up that real estate, growing larger with each pancake that went into her stomach. After the fourth pancake she was starting to get thristy, so started drinking down the milkshake. Her belly stretched out a bit quicker than what it did with the pancakes. She rubbed her belly, feeling how firm and round it was getting. She loved this feeling and started on the finishing off the remaining pancakes.

After she had finished the pancakes and milkshake, she got up. Her belly gurgled and groaned as it was still stretching a little. She loved the feeling of her belly stretching beyond what it has been before. She looked down, and noticed that her belly was almost line ball with her breasts. Her belly was a nice small sphere shape, partly hiding her feet, and easily hiding her undies. She walked up to the sink with her empty plate and glass, and noticed as she got close to the sink, her belly hit the edge of it. This made her giggle, the coldness of the sink sending a shock of pleasure through her belly. She giggled, and rubbed her swollen belly. She finished washing the dishes and went over to her fridge/freezer. She noticed that she was running out of food and need to go to the shops if she wanted to keep her belly. But first she needed to shower, as she had food scraps all over her belly and chest.

She got undressed and stepped into the shower. Rubbing the soap on her bloated belly started to make her feel horny again, rubbing it more and more made her groan and gasp in esctasy. Her belly felt firm, and with more soap on it got really slippery. Realising she was wasting water whilst entertaining herself, she finished off washing herself and got out of the shower. She pulled on a baby doll dress, that showed off her slightly bulging belly. Walking towards the front door to go to the shops, she could feel the dress rubbing her belly. She knew it was going to be hard to keep herself together if this was going to happen in the supermarket.

Walking around the supermarket, Anna picked out the foods that most likely will help her binging. She grabbed a couple of packs of forzen cheeseburgers, ice cream, a loaf of bread, a few bottles of soda and other packets of food. She felt her belly rubbing against her dress as she walked down the ailses at the supermarket, making her rub her belly through her dress every so often, as if she was pregnant.

After paying for the food she walked back home, her belly still rubbing against her dress making her more and more excited about getting bigger. She got through the front door and started unpacking her shopping.  She grabbed a box of cheeseburgers and tried fitting as many burgers into her microwave. Half the burgers from the pack fitted in. As they were cooking she put the rest of the shopping away. She grabbed the burgers, put another lot into the microwave, and sat down at the table with a large soda. She swallowed the burgers almost whole, her belly groaning and grumbling away as each burger was digested. She could feel her belly getting bigger. Then there was a tearing noise, as a seam on clothes letting go. She had forgotten to take her dress off and her belly had stretched the dress to its limits. Anna grinned as she looked at the tear in her dress, and grabbed a bottle of soda to test the dress even more. As she chugged down the soda her belly grew even faster. The dress started tearing off her belly even faster, exposing her round firm belly. She finished the bottle and burped, and looked down at her ruined dress with a huge round belly sticking out of it. She pulled the dress off and walked over to the microwave to cook up the rest of the burgers from the first packet. Her belly swung from side to side as she walked, making her burp every so often. The belly groaned and bubbled away as the food and soda was sloshing around her belly.

Once the burgers were cooked she sat back down at the table to eat them. She looked down at her belly each time she finished a burger, to see how much bigger it was. By now her belly sat out further than her breasts, resting on her legs. She finished the last burger and had another bottle of soda and got up from the table. By now her belly was very heavy, and took a bit of effort and balance to get up. Looking down at her belly, it stuck out further than her breasts. The belly was sphere shaped now, all firm and full. She started to walk towards the radio to hear what was on, and noticed she had to waddle slightly and slowly. Her balance was out of wack due to her belly. She switched on the radio and "Baby's Got Back" was on. She started to dance slowly to it, and as she gained confidence in her body, started swinging her big round belly around, thrusting it out and changing the chorus to "Baby's got gut!". Her belly really started to gurgle and stretch as she was getting physical. The waistband on her undies were getting pushed down as her belly slowly expanded. After the song finished she was sweating and tired. She waddled off to her room to rest and sleep off her larger belly.

The end...
Sequel to the Anna has too much to eat story. Anna wakes up to find her belly still round, and decides to make it bigger.
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Solo49 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
great story and i enjoyed reading both parts 
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LOL! Great story!
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Nice story.
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Thank you!
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Wonderful. A full, bulging belly is an amazing feeling.
miss-chinaski Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2008
ok, sorry: this is going to be a stupid, stupid, stupid comment, but I can't help it. It is a "pseudo-reality", not a "suedo-reality". I've noticed that a lot of you English speakers tend to have a hard time when it comes to spell a pseudo-Latin word (just like I have when it comes to your beautiful language, guys ;)). I am Italian, so I'm quite familiar with words that might be a bit strange for you, so if you should ever need a spell-checker just let me know. I promise I'm quite good at it. By the way, I do apologise for bad grammar or stuff; this is not my first language to begin with!
Oh, I almost forgot: wonderful story, man, just like the rest of your stuff. You write beautifully and you always know what to focus on. Keep on the good work!
rub-ger Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
Thanks for the comment :)
animefan232 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007
Cute story.
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