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March 20, 2006
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Dave did not know how it happened. A few months ago he was having sex with his boyfriend, now he is pregnant. A pregnant young male.

"This is impossible," he thought rubbing his six months pregnant belly. A couple of months back he thought he was putting on weight, with the huge increase in his appetite. Then his belly kept on getting rounder and harder, making the weight gain idea incorrect.

He rubbed his hairless round belly, as if he had had a large three course meal. It was hard, warm, and felt nice to rub all the time. He would get more and more horny as he rubbed him belly, making him have to wank nearly every hour. Wearing tight clothes around his belly would do the same thing too, the constant rubbing of the fabric on his belly always making him horny. He could not believe how much his sex drive has increased since his belly has stretched out.

His clothes had given up on fitting on him. He was always a thin lad, and becoming pregnant, even in the second month, he was finding it harder to fit into clothes. Jeans would no longer button up, t-shirts would become skin tight, showing off how round his belly is. His undies would slip down due to the belly pushing down the waist band. Shirt buttons would pop off if he had them buttoned up and the kid started kicking or he had a large meal.

And not only has his belly seen the changes with the pregnancy. His flat, hairless chest has become more swollen, as a female girl's does as she hits puberty. His usual small nipples have swelled in size. In the first couple of months they were sore, and a pain to touch, or lie on if he was sleeping on his stomach. But in the last couple of months they have become another erotic zone on his body. They have yet to lactate, but his doctor says that happens towards the end of the last trimester on some boys.

He still tries to work at his retail job at the party goods shop, but being able to lift helium gas bottles for balloons is something he can no longer do due to his back, and the case his pants and shirts bearly last a week before he needs to use the belt to hold the pants together under his swollen belly or just let the buttons pop off his work shirt during the day, showing off his young white round belly to customers. He is finding that a lot of the female customers pay attention to his pregnant condition, and rub his belly a lot. He's be careful however not to get too horny around them, although he is sure they can sense that.

So he spends most of his time at home these days, just doing a couple of days a week work at the party place. Most of the time he just wears an oversized t-shirt, which even at its size still gets pulled tight around his belly, and low cut undies. He loves getting out of his bed each morning, and seeing the changes to his body in the mirror. His big round belly sticking out like someone has been blowing him up all night, and makes poses infront of the mirror, pushing his belly out more, and doing models moves infront of it, strutting around. Then he tries on older clothes, to see if they fit. Even if they are skintight, he will still wear them, shaking his belly and being as physical as he can, like bending over, to see how long the top or pants last before bursting off his belly. Then he sits in the afterglow of a burst clothing item, rubbing his bloated round naked belly that is sticking up from the remains, then trying some more clothes.

His boyfriend, Glenn is enjoying his pregnancy as well. He comes over with a large amount of food and feeds it to Dave, while rubbing his firm belly. Then they have the best sex every, even before the pregnancy, Glenn knowing how horny Dave gets with his nipples, so he sucks on them, making Dave giggle like a school girl, and licking his pregnant belly. He then gives Dave the best head, one bit that Dave loves is the feeling of Glenn's hair rubbing the underside of his belly, making him cum harder.

Dave can't wait till he hits his last trimester, being huge and pregnant, needing to waddle around the place and pretty well be semi naked all the time, due to clothes no longer fitting him other than undies. Seeing his belly button pop out, as if the pregnancy is cooked and well done, and just spend time rubbing his huge belly while being cared for by Glenn.
There are some erotic elements to the story, plus MPREG, so if you do not like either, please do not read it.

Just a very short story on a young male boy who finds himself pregnant, and how he has adjusted to it. Something to fill in while I am doing a larger MPREG story
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