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Wendy and the Pill of Pregnancy by Ruben

Wendy met her friend, Dr. Richards. Dr. Richards was making a pill to make a woman pregnant without sexual intercourse. The doctor ask Wendy to come over to test out the pill. Wendy looked at the pill.

"This pill will make you pregnant. Each week will be like each month in a pregnancy. It will be a hit with career women who don't want to waste time having the pregnancy or the long time being fat." said the doctor.

Wendy looked at the doctor and asked "What happens if this tablet does not work ? Will I get a fast pregnancy where I got through the pregnancy in one day or no pregnancy ?"

"No, the tablet will work fine. I have another one here if you want to give it to a friend. This tablet should give a faster pregnancy." said the doctor.

Wendy grabbed the first pill and swallowed it. The doctor turned around to her and said "One day in each week will be the day where you will be doing the growing, like breasts expanding for milk or uterus growing. The growing will happen slowly all day."

Wendy understood this and went home.


The next day Wendy went to school. Nothing happened to her. She put the other tablet given to her from the doc in her locker, so she give to another friend when she was halfway through her pregnancy. Wendy thought this might be a good idea so they have their abaies at the same time. A girl that Wendy knew, Clare, walked past Wendy's locker. Clare was about seven months pregnant. She wore a maternity version of Wendy's school's uniform, although Clare's tummy was poking through the gaps between the buttons.

"How are you Clare ? " asked Wendy.

"Alright, I guess. I'm still getting bigger. Soon they'll have to get me out with a forklift," answered Clare as she rubbed her bloated stomach.

"How does it feel to be pregnant ? " asked Wendy.

"I feels nice. Don't tell me that you are pregnant too Wendy ?" asked Clare.

Wendy told Clare about the tablet and what it does.

"That is cheating," said Clare. "Imagine growing from 5 months pregnant to 6 months pregnant in one day. that would be like hell on your clothes. They'll probably rip."

"Yeah," said Wendy, "But it will be fun watching myself get pregnant in such a short time. Watching my breasts getting bigger then my belly." Wendy then rubbed her non-existing belly. Wendy then bobbed down to listen to Clare's belly.

"There is a kid kicking in there," smiled Clare.

The next day Wendy was getting dressed for school. She noticed that her breasts were a bit tight in her bra. She guessed that today is the day where she grows for the month. She put on her school dress. Luckily you could not see the change in her breasts through the dress. She went to school.

During her classes she felt her bra getting tighter and tighter. Her dress was starting to stretch around her breasts. Luckily it did not grow enough to cause anymore trouble at school. When she went home she took off her bra. In front of her were two lovely breasts, grown bigger by a fast pregnancy.

Over the next two weeks her breasts expanded. Then in the fourth week another thing expanded...

Wendy was in the locker bay with her friend Emma. Emma is a little taller than Wendy, but with the same breast size. Wendy felt a fluttering in her belly. Then her tummy felt like it was expanding. Emma looked down at Wendy's tummy and saw Wendy's dress get tighter around her tummy.

"What is happening Wendy ? " asked Emma in a panicy voice.

"I have taken a tablet which makes one month of pregnancy one week and all the growth is done on one day." said Wendy, as she croutched down, hugging her belly.

"Wow," said Emma.

"I have a tablet here which makes you pregnant at half the time it makes me. Do you want to try it ?" asked Wendy.

"Yeah, since we have the next six weeks off for summer holidays, no-one will notice." said Emma.

"Oh no," thought Wendy, "Pregnant during the hot weather."

Emma took the tablet and felt instant results. Her breast started to expand.

"Sometime next week I"ll be like you," said Emma rubbing her breasts.

Wendy got home and inspected her tummy. Her tummy was slightly swollen, about as much as she would be if she ate a big dinner. But she would be getting bigger still. Her tummy now made her dress stretch open around ger belly. When she took it off her belly button was just sticking out a bit. Her panties were just able to stretch around her belly. She rubbed her belly and grabbed her camera. She took a picture of herself, to show how much she will grow. She took a full frontal, where you could not tell whether she was pregnant and one from the die, where you could just tell, if she had no clothes on, that she was just a bit pregnant.

The next week when Wendy woke up and felt her tummy expanding again. She rang up the doc.

"Doc, this is Wendy," said Wendy.

"Oh hi. How are you ?" asked the doc.

"Good. I'll just want to come to your place today just for a check up. Since you are a gynocologist." answered Wendy.

"Ok, fine," said the Doc.

"I'll bring my friend too, she has the quick growth tablet." said Wendy.

Wendy put down the phone and examined her belly. Her belly button was stretching out. She called up Emma and told her to come around to the doc's place for a check up. Wendy then tried to find some clothes to put on. She found a pait of large jeans to fit on and a t-shirt that kind of hid her growing girth. Wendy rubbed her belly. "I'm getting fuller, soon I'll be waddling" she thought.

Emma met Wendy at the doc's. Emma was just a little smaller in the belly section than Wendy, but her breasts where huge.

"How are you ?" asked Wendy.

"Okay. I'm swelling all over the place at the moment," said Emma as she rubbed her belly and forced it to stick out a bit.

"Yeah, I'm having my growth squirt today." said Wendy.

The doc greeted Wendy into his surgery. Wendy laid down on the bed. The doctor rolled back her t shirt to show her belly.

"My, we have gotten big," said the doc.

"I know, and I'm getting even more bigger. Today is my growth day." said Wendy

The doctor felt her tummy and check it for anything unusual. He noticed nothing strange.

"I'll just take some blood to see your metabolism," said the doc, "I'll be back in a sec."

Wendy felt tried after she had the blood taken out of her. She started to drift off to sleep. Then she noticed the doctor walking into the office. The doctor had a puzzled look on his face.

"What is the matter ?" asked Wendy.

"Your metabolism is increasing. You should be going through each month in the next few seconds." said the doc.

"Oh no," said Wendy as her tummy started to swell and bust out of her pants. "You've got to help me."

The doctor stood there smiling.

"Damn it," said Wendy as her tummy expanded over her broken jeans and starting to push up her t-shirt. She felt her skin on her belly getting tighter. She started to waddle out into the area where Emma was. Emma rushed over to Wendy as Wendy colasped on her back. Emma saw that Wendy's belly was expanding at huge rates.

"Help me Emma," said Wendy, barely able to speak because of the belly pushing down on her lungs.

Then Emma felt herself expanded. Emma started to panic as her belly stretched her dress. Then Wendy felt the baby push.
Wendy then felt something shaking her.

"Wendy, wake up," said the doc.

"Oh, it was a dream," said Wendy, tirely.

"What was ?" asked the doc.

"Nothing. How am I ? " asked Wendy.

"Okay. You are progressing along alright," said the doc.

Wendy then left the doc's. She still could feel her tummy gwoing in her jeans. She got home and put on her favourite swimsuit. The lycra stretched thin around her belly. Wendy rubbed her bloated belly. "Next week I'll meet Clare and suprise her." said Wendy.

The next week...

Wendy woke up. Shge stared at her feet, but all she could see was her large belly. She could just see it grow. "I'll be seven months pregnant today," she said with some satisfaction. She got up from her bed "God it is getting harder to get up with such a large belly," she thought. She walked over to her full length mirror. She walked towards it like she would with no pregnant belly or breasts, but then her belly knocked the mirror. Wendy rubbed her belly as she looked at herself at different angles in the mirror.

"Yep, I'm pregnant," said Wendy to herself.

Then she picked up the phone and called Emma. Emma answered.

"How are you Emma ? " asked Wendy.

"Alright. I'm starting to get a bit bigger," answered Emma as she rubbed her belly, but it was not as big as Wendy's.

"Do you want to go to Clare's today ? " asked Wendy.

"Yeah, cool, I'll meet you there," answered Emma.

Wendy the tried to find some clothes. She put on a catsuit which stretched over her swelling belly. Then she found a baby-doll dress which fitted over her belly prefectly. Then she walked to Clare's house.

Wendy knocked on the door. Clare answered it. Clare's blonde crinkley hair just touched her big school girl breast, swollen due to her pregnancy. She was wearing a bikini top and a pair of demin shorts. Her big eigth month belly huge over her shorts, putting pressure on her shorts button to keep the shorts closed.

"My, my, my. Who's the pregnant one then ?" asked Clare as she lent on the door way, resting her hand on her hips.

Wendy looked down at her tummy. "Yeah, but you are fatter." said Wendy with a smile.

"Come in," said Clare.

Wendy walked inside. Clare waddled behind her. Wendy sat down on the couch, Clare sat beside her. "so, said Clare, "Let's look at the tum."

Wendy undid her dress and showed Clare her belly, which was behind the catsuit. Clare rubbed Wendy's belly.

"Well, there feels like a baby in there," said Clare. Then the door rang.

"That must be Emma," said Wendy.

Clare waddled up to the door and opened it. "What the..." shouted Clare, "What has happened to you, Emma ? Don't tell me you're pregnant too?"

"Yes," said Emma. Emma was wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt. Her belly just hung over the jeans. The waist band of the jeans were flipped over itself.

The girls got together in the lounge room. Clare stood in the middle of the room, with her large belly sticking out. "So, what do you want to do ? " asked Clare.

"I don't know what, but I am hungry," said Emma.

Clare then put out a smorgasboard for the girls. Emma's eyes stuck out on storks when she saw the food. "Well, that has made me hungry too," said Wendy.

The girls sat down at the table and started to eat the food. Wendy noticed that each piece of food she was eating was expanding her belly. Her baby doll dress was starting to get tight. Clare also noticed that her demin shorts were having a hard time holding back her bloated belly. This just made her eat faster. Emma felt her shirt sliding up her belly as she ate the food. Then the button on Clare's demin shorts broke, and her belly fell forwards. Clare held her belly and rubbed it. Then a button broke off Emma's jeans, causing her stomach to push down her zipper and expose her belly and undies. "Bad belly," Emma said, waving her finger at it. Wendy felt her dress get tighter on her, but there were no buttons for to bust. "My dress is getting too tight, I'm going to blow ! " said Wendy with a shocked look on her face

"Good, then have some more food then," said Clare as she passed a tray off food to Wendy. Wendy gobbled the food down. She felt the stiches stretching and slowly busting around her belly. "Looks like I'm going to be bigger than my dress," said Wendy. "Me too," said Emma as her jeans fell down and her shirt rode more up her belly. Clare's breasts rested on the top of her huge belly, which was still getting bigger. The girls kept on eating until the table was bare of food. Then the girls tried to get up. Emma's jeans laid in a clump on the floor her shirt only cover her breasts now. Her undies hung low on her tummy. Clare's demin shorts had also slid off, and her belly wobbled around the place. Wendy's baby doll dress was lying in shreads, as her cat suit just kept her tummy in control. They all groaned, and waddled about.

Wendy rubbed her bloated belly, then looked at Clare's. She started to feel horny, staring at the huge pregnant belly of Clare's. She wanted to rub her big belly and suck her big, wholesome breasts. This made Wendy's pussy wet. Then she looked at Emma, who was shorter than her, but almost bigger in the belly department. This made Wendy even more hornier. She waddled over to Clare and grabbed Clare from behind. Clare jumped when Wendy first grabbed her, then she turned around to cuddle her too, but their bellies got in the way. Wendy then started to rub Clare's belly and big breasts. This was making Claire very horny. Clare started to pull down Wendy's catsuit, exposing Wendy's breasts. Emma joined in by undoing Clare's bra. Then the girls started to rip one anothers underwear off, leaving three naked, knocked up schoolgirls rubbing, grabbing  and dripping love juice on one another. After they finished, they fell asleep, due to exhaustion.


Emma got up. She saw Wendy and Clare sleeping happily naked on the floor, like two beached whales. Her belly stuck out still, but not as far as it did after they ate all the food. She waddled over to her clothes and tried to put them back on. "Oh drat," said Emma, as she looked at her shirt and knew that it would not fit on again. Wendy woke up and lifted her pregnant body off the ground. She rubbed her belly and burped.

"I still feel hungry," said Wendy as she tried to find her clothes.

"If you eat any more, you'll look like a blimp," said Emma, moving her hands away from her preggo belly to show what would happen to Wendy.

"What's the difference ? " asked Wendy as she emphaised her belly by sticking it out more.

Clare woke up and got up to see what the girls were doing. She waddled over to the other girls to see what they were doing. She placed her hands on her hips and asked "What are you two fatties doing ?"

Wendy waddled over to Clare and thumped her preggo belly into Clare's and said "What has it got to do with you ?"

Emma waddled over and did the same, "Yeah, what's it got to do with you ?"

Clare thrusted her belly into both the girls and answered "Cos."

Wendy looked at the time and said, "Well, I better be going, see you girls." The girls said their good byes and Wendy waddled off home in a ripped baby doll dress.

Two Weeks later...

Wendy got up. Very slowly. Her big huge pregnant belly and gigantic breasts slow her progress, making it hard for her to get up quickily. "Oh my belly is huge. I must be getting close to dumping (labor) soon." she though. She moved the sheets away from her body. At first all she could see were her big breasts, full of milk. "I must have gone from a B cup to at least D," though Wendy. Then she saw her belly. It looked like she was pregnant with twins. She rubbed her belly and though back nine weeks ago when she had a flat belly. Then she thought, "What have I got to show that I have been pregnant ?" Then she came up with a great idea. What if Emma, Clare and her take photos of one another, to show that they were pregnant. Wendy waddled over to the phone and called Emma.
Emma heard the phone ring and she go out of her chair near the TV. Her tummy was that big now you could hardly see her. She picked up the phone. "Hi, Em ?" asked Wendy.

"Yeah," answered Emma.

"Do you want to take photos of one another? "asked Wendy.

"Sure, love to." said Emma.

"Cool, bring around your sexiest clothes," said Wendy as she hung up.

Wendy also called Clare. She agreed to come around too. Wendy then started to look for something to wear that would look sexy and comfortable. She tried to look for something in her wardrobe, but going from a size 8 to nine months pregnant in 9 nine weeks leaves not much choice in clothing. Wendy found a matching pair of bras and knickers, which were black and lacey and sexy, so she put them on. She felt naughty. Strangely the fitted well, the knickers did not slide down her belly as she put them on. Then she looked for something to put on top of the undies. She found a slip dress that just stretched over her belly. Her belly well and truly stuck out when she put the dress on. Her cleavage looked like the Grand Canyonas it disappeared into the dress and her breasts look like balloons. Her nipples and belly button stuck out like witches hats. She waddled out of her bedroom, with her huge belly jiggling in the dress and went to get herself some food.

Emma looked through her clothes and found her one piece swimsuit. It fitted on fine, except around her belly, the material was stretched thin. Then she found a pair of overalls to put on. The overalls were made to be loose on normal women, but on Emma, they looked skin tight. "Oh well, at least they're comfortable." she thought. She then waddled off to Wendy's house

Clare put on a nice pair of undies and a bra, then found a pretty blouse. She found that she could only button the blouse at her breasts, but it looked sexy with her belly sticking out. She then found a pair of maternity lycra pants that her mother gave her when she first became pregnant. She looked a stunner, "Too bad I can't get sex looking like this," she thought. She got some other things together and made her way to Wendy's house.

Wendy greeted Clare and Emma as they entered the house. They all bumped one another with their large belliesand then sat down on the sofa. Wendy looked at Emma with her large belly held back by lycra and overalls and Clare with her huge belly just sticking out. Wendy then grabbed the camera and said,"Clare, can you stand over there ?". Wnedy pointed to a wall with nothing on it. Clare waddled over to the wall. Wendy then asked Clare to cradle her belly and look sexy. Clare did this. Then Wendy toke some other photos of Clare facing the camera with her belly stick out and over her pants. Then Clare undid her blouse and let her bra hang out. Clare was getting close to her birth of her baby. Her belly was hanging down with the weight of her baby. Clare then toke off her pants. Her tummy just hung over the top of her panties. Wendy took side on and frontal shots of Clare's pregnant body. Clare put her hands on the sides of her big belly. Then she took off her bra. Her large breasts fell to the side and rubbed her belly, making her lactate. Wendy then called Emma to be the next person up.
Wendy did some side and front on shots of Emma in her overalls. Then Emma took off her overalls and layed down on the ground. Her belly and breasts stuck up skyward, covered by her swimsuit. Then Emma rolled down the top part of her swimsuit, showing her large breasts off to the girls. After a couple more pictures Emma took of her swimsuit. Her breasts laid on her belly. She kneed on the floor, horsey style. Her tummy was that big she could not do it properly. Everytime she would up her hands on the carpet, her knees would lift in the air. "Oh, I'm so large ! " said Emma about her prediciment.

Then it was Wendy's turn in front of the camera. Emma got a couple of pictures of Wendy in her dress. Then, when Wendy was about to bend over to show her cleavage, her dress started to rip. Wendy grabbed the dress and ripped the rest off, leaving her in her underwear and her huge belly hanging over her panties. Emma tooks some pictures of Wendy with her underwear on then some with no underwear.

"Well," said Emma, "The next part will be trying to find a photography shop that will develop these pictures."

Wendy grabbed onto her belly like someone was taking it away. "No," she moaned "The next thing to do is to have my baby." Wendy then fell onto the floor in pain. The other girls stood around her. "I'm having my baby, you dimbats," shouted Wendy to the other two.

Over the next few weeks Clare and Emma had their babies. Wendy and Emma had girls, while Clare had a boy.

A few weeks after the birth of Wendy's baby...

"Well, the baby seems fine," said Dr. Richards as he put away his stethoscope.

"Good," said Wendy as she picked up the baby. Wendy's body was slowly getting back to pre-pregnancy shape, although there was still a little bulge to her belly.

"Wendy, in a few month's time, would you like to test out another one of my tablets?" asked Doctor Richards.

"No problem," said Wendy, grinning.

The end...
Second pregnancy story starring Wendy. This time she tries out a pill which will get her pregnant in record time
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andrea32598 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
I loved the story make more!
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Make more wendy's rapid pregnancy stories, please?
SplashFan12 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer

The next day Wendy went to school. Nothing happened to her. She put the other tablet given to her from the doc in her locker, so she give to another friend when she was halfway through her pregnancy. Wendy thought this might be a good idea so they have their abaies at the same time

You misspelled babies :)

SplashFan12 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Wendy felt tried after she had the blood taken out of her. She started to drift off to sleep. Then she noticed the doctor walking into the office. The doctor had a puzzled look on his face.
Also tired
SplashFan12 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer

Wendy woke up. Shge stared at her feet, but all she could see was her large belly. She could just see it grow. "I'll be seven months pregnant today," she said with some satisfaction. She got up from her bed "God it is getting harder to get up with such a large belly," she thought. She walked over to her full length mirror. She walked towards it like she would with no pregnant belly or breasts, but then her belly knocked the mirror. Wendy rubbed her belly as she looked at herself at different angles in the mirror.


readerboy15dh Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
Will you write anymore Wendy's instant pregnancy stories? If you are, please send me a copy, ok?
JeffW1965 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013
Loved this story!!!
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This is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite stories!
rub-ger Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Awww, thanks for that! It is getting on in age, that's one thing. I think I wrote that in the late 90s!
BellyLover02 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
I remember finding it in the same place as "The Career Change" and another story about a guy who suddenly realizes he can manipulate his surroundings by thinking of what he wants... Wish I could find that one again, too.

This one, though, tons of super-happy funtime!!!
Paprika1 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011
cool, or she could burth oh say somthing not humen but I'm a pit of a perv so don't take it seruc
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it was good except the sex scene. Anyway read the siggy and rock on but keep it clean please :D
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Cute story.
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I laughed so hard I cried!! This was great lol!
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That'd put too much stress on the mother, at least by today's standards Crystalas. But it is a good thing to fantasize about.
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Thank you for the comments
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