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Wendy and the pregnancy potion. By Ruben (

One day Wendy, a 18 year old blonde, walked into a curio shop in a small town. There were things hanging around the shop like dolls dressed up like witches on broom sticks and jars hold pretend things like eye of newt and lizard's brain.
Wendy then noticed a bottle. It had written on it "Petuna's Pregnancy Potion". She looked at the bottle, which looked just like one that they would put baby food in. Wendy tried to find ingredients list on the label, but couldn't find anything. All it said was to only take one teaspoon only. She laughed at this, but thought she might buy it anyway, just for a laugh.
She took the bottle over to the counter. The old lady, who looked like she was in her seventies picked up the bottle to look at the price tag.
"Careful with that" said the old lady, "or you'll end up like her." She pointed to a fourteen year old girl with a stomach which looked like she was 10 months pregnant.
"Don't worry" said Wendy, disbelieving that the girl was pregnant due to the potion, "I always take the pill." Wendy paid the lady and walked out. The lady shouted out "That wont do you any good !"


Wendy took the bottle back home. She called up her girl friend Jodie. "Guess what Jodie," said Wendy, "I have this strange bottle of pills called "Petuna's Pregnancy Potion". "
"I'll come over and look at it, " said Jodie.
A few minutes later Jodie came over. Jodie was the same age as Wendy, but with brown, crippled hair. She was wearing a blouse and a pair of jeans. Wendy was wearing a pair of jeans and a catsuit.
"Come in Jodie !" said Wendy.
Jodie came in. She saw Wendy holding the bottle. "It's weird looking, " said Jodie.
"Do you want to try some ?" asked Wendy.
"Oh yeah, " said Jodie.
Wendy poured out two teaspoons of the potion. They counted to three and gulped it down at the same time. Wendy wiped her face. "I don't feel a thing" said Jodie.
"Neither can I" said Wendy, "It must be one of those fake potions, which say they do something, when they don't."
Wendy and Jodie sat down on the couch and watched TV. An hour later Jodie noticed her bra getting tight. "This is strange", thought Jodie, "my bra size hasn't changed for months." Then it kept on getting tighter over the next hour. She turned around to Wendy and asked "Is your bra getting tighter, or is it me ?"
"Yeah, me too, it's strange. Don't tell me potion is working ?"
Wendy noticed her catsuit stretching around her breast. The 12 B size chest is growing towards a larger B size. A few hours later Jodie felt her bra strap break and two large breast flowing out. She felt her jeans getting tighter. "This isn't feeling good," she said to Wendy, who noticed her catsuit really stretching out.
After Jodie went home, Wendy noticed when she was under the shower that her once flat tummy was sore and felt bigger. She just dismissed this as a lunch that didn't agree with her.  

The next day...

Wendy got up. She looked at herself in the mirror. She could not believe what she saw. Her once flat and tight stomach seem to protrude from the hairline to the bellybutton. She touch the bulge. Her tummy seemed to be tight. Her breast also felt bigger. Her long blonde hair just covered over the nipples now, which before they use to well and truly cover the nipples and part of the breasts. She stood at the mirror in shock. Then something kicked in her tummy.

"Oh no."

"I'm pregnant" thought Wendy, "I better call Jodie."

Just before Wendy picked up the phone, her phone rung. Wendy picked up the phone. Jodie was at the other end. "I'm pregnant" cried Jodie.
"So am I" said Wendy.
At the other end Jodie was rubbing her tummy. She was about as pregnant as Wendy. "I'll come over." said Jodie.
"Bring your swimsuit with out, to see how pregnant you are." said Wendy.
Wendy looked at herself again. "Better get dressed" though Wendy. She grabbed a pair of jeans. When she pulled up her jeans and tried to button them up, they just did. Then she put on a shirt. She could button it in the middle, but not on the ends. The breasts were keeping the top opened and the tummy was keeping the other end open. So Wendy searched and found a T-shirt which fitted perfectly.
Wendy was pouring out some cereal for breakfast when Jodie knocked on the door. Wendy answered it. Jodie came in. When she was dressed up you could not tell that Jodie was pregnant. Wendy greeted her and Jodie sat down. Wendy sat down and started to eat her breakfast when she heard a pop and her stomach bulging over the new busted pants. "Oh damn," said Wendy, looking down at her tummy falling out of pants. Jodie giggled.
Wendy got up. "OK, lets see you flab then girl," laughingly snarled Wendy. Jodie undid her pants and lifted her top. Underneath was a bulging tummy, the same size as Wendy's, hanging ontop of her pants.
"OK, lets put on our swimsuits to measure the size of our bellies," said Wendy. The girls went off and slipped on their swimsuits and walked back out again. Wendy was wearing a black one piece, which showed the two lumps of her breasts and then a gentle bulge of her belly. Jodie was wearing a multi-coloured one-piece, with the same definition like Wendy. The stood in front of one another and cuddled. Their enlarged breasts and tummies contacted one another. "I feel so fat" said Wendy.
"Yeah," said Jodie "I feel like I can barely cuddle you."
The they finished cuddling and then the two girls looked at one another. "I'm fatter than you" said Wendy. "No, I am" said Jodie.
The girls then went for a swim. Wendy got out of the pool and looked at herself. Her tummy had grown a little more while she had been swimming, because the swimsuit had stretched a little more and her breast had more of a canyon between them. Wendy felt the baby kick again. She rubbed the lycra around her tummy. "I'm going to be bloody fat in a few days time if the growth continues the way it is going." she said to Jodie. Jodie got out and rubbed her tummy. The tight swimsuit made Wendy feel horny, as she loved the feeling of lycra tight around her body, and being pregnant just multiplied the passion.
They went inside and measured one another. Wendy had grown 4 inches since having the potion, Jodie had grown 5 inches. They both giggled as they measured one another and made comments like "Hey, careful, you're crushing my tummy" and "Jeez you're fat."
Wendy then rubbed Jodie's tummy. She felt a shiver down her spine. "Let's rub tummies, " said Jodie, "A kind of meeting gesture because we are pregnant." They rubbed their slightly pregnant tummies together, causing a feeling of togetherness for themselves.
Wendy then had an idea, "Let's take photos of ourselves getting pregnant, each day as our bodies get bigger." she said.
"Good idea, let's start now" said Jodie.
Wendy took a some photos of Jodie in her swimsuit holding her not so swollen tummy, then of her nude, covering her breast with on hand and the other hand on her tummy, then another full frontal. Jodie looked gorgeous with her enlarged breasts and slightly swollen tummy. Jodie took photos of Wendy with her blouse and jeans undone around her tummy, then a side and full frontal nudity. Wendy's blonde hair and curvious body looked beautiful.
When Jodie left Wendy's house and got home, she noticed under the shower how her belly button was growing outwards from her normally thin body. She rubbed it with soap and the baby inside her cuddled up, making Jodie feeling happy.

The Next Day....

Jodie woke up. She noticed that her bedsheets were lifted up around her stomach. She got up and noticed that her tummy had got as round a small sized basketball. Her baby was giving her stomach a good kick. She rubbed her tummy and felt aroused by this. "Oooh, " thought Jodie, "This is nice, being big and fat." Her once small and flat tummy from a day ago had grown to a mount on the second day of her pregnancy. She looked at a magazine which had a picture of a pregnant woman in it. She was on wearing a bikini and looked like she was 9 months pregnant. "I want to do that," thought Jodie, "get really pregnant in a bikini, watching it stretch around my tummy."
The phone rung. It was Wendy. "How this for a thing to do. Dress up strangely, but in tight clothes and then we have an eat-a-thon to see whose pregnant belly can break through the clothes first." said Wendy.
"OK, I'll be around," said Jodie. Jodie started looking for something tight to wear around her tummy. She found some jeans that bearly fitted and a blouse that just buttoned up over her swollen pink tummy. She looked silly, as he shirt and jeans strained to hold her tummy back.
When Jodie knocked on Wendy's door, Wendy greeted Jodie in her old school uniform. The uniform was buttoned down the front, which the buttons were under the same pressure as the buttons on Jodie's dress. Wendy rubbed her tummy and said, "Come in, we'll do a 'before' photo of us before we engorge ourselves."
Wendy took a full body shot of Jodie, who Wendy noticed how much she has grown in the stomach area. Jodie took the same type of photo of Wendy.
Then they both sat down to a table with food all over it. Wendy said "The rules are that you have to full show the front of your belly, not just a part of it."
"OK, but no breaking off buttons with your fingers," said Jodie.
"Agreed" said Wendy.
Wendy and Jodie counted how many buttons they need to bust off to win, it was even. "That tight blouse gives you an advantage," said Wendy.
"Bull it does," said Jodie, patting the blouse.
The two girls then started to tuck into their food. Wendy could feel her belly digest the food, Jodie can feel it slowly expand. By her third piece of pizza Jodie's jeans button broke off and the bottom part of her belly peaked through. Wendy looked down and said "Remember, all of it."
Jodie nodded as she took another bite of pizza. Then a button off Wendy's school dress broke off and bounced along the table. Her belly button (an innie) then peaked through. A few minutes later a button broke off Jodie's shirt and her belly button appear. Bother the girls giggled and rubbed there belly buttons "I've eaten more than you !" said Jodie, starting a challenge. "OK, we'll see," said Wendy, as both the girls started to eat the food quicker. Another of Wendy's buttons busted off, then one of Jodie's. It was down to two buttons for both each to bust to win. Wendy busted one, then Jodie, then the both busted their last one at the same time.
"I busted mine first," said Jodie, who had collapsed back on the couch with her pregnant tummy poking out of her busted jeans and blouse.
"I want a rematch, but I'm too full," said Wendy, who collapsed on the floor, with her pregnant belly sticking out of her dress like the Eiffel Tower.
The two girls started burping then Wendy grabbed the camera. She turned the camera to herself and took a close up shot of her pink, swollen tummy. Then she took a photo of Jodie holding her now fifth-month-looking pregnant belly. Jodie undid the rest of her blouse buttons and let her bottoms of her breasts rest on the very top of her tummy. Wendy took picture of this. Then Jodie grabbed the camera while Wendy put on her school hat and her school bag over her shoulder. Jodie took a side on picture of Wendy, with tummy sticking out of dress, looking at the camera with a smile. Wendy started to walk out the door in her busted school dress. "I'm going to school, mum," she said jokingly. Then she pretended she just noticed her pregnant belly hanging out of her dress. "Oops, I'm pregnant !" she said in a fake suprise. Then Wendy took off the dress and said, "Much better,". Wendy kept on walking around the room, with her breasts and tummy jiggling. Jodie took a photo of her nude with only her school hat on. After the girls took more photos of one another in the nude, they fell down onto the couch. "What can we do now ? " asked Wendy as she patted her belly.
"Well, we have eaten...let's measure ourselves, like we did yesterday." said Jodie as she cuddled her tummy.
Wendy went to her room to get the tape measure and the book where she wrote down yesterday's growth measurements. Wendy unreeled the tape measure around Jodie's belly button and her back. Wendy then said "You have grown 6 inches since yesterday and your stomach, " then Wendy measured from where her belly comes out from her body to its furthest point, "sticks out 6 inches, preggo."
Jodie grabbed the measuring tape and measured around Wendy's tummy and said "You too have grown 6 inches and your tummy sticks out," then Jodie measured from where the tummy sticks out from her body to the farthest point, " 5 inches, you're just thinner."
Wendy cuddled her tummy then said, "Well, I've always been thinner." Wendy wrote down the measurements in the book then read out "Jodie, you have grown 11 inches around the middle of your tummy since you have gotten pregnant and I have grown 10 inches."
"But how far has your bra size grown, " smiled Jodie as she squeezed her breasts. A bit of milk came out of one.
Wendy grabbed a bra and put it on. It fitted perfectly. She looked at the size. "20C ! I was a 12B before I got pregnant. My boobs must look like they have had breast enlargements done to them! " she thought. She turned to Jodie and said, "I have grown from a 12B to 20C. How much have you grown ?"
"I was a 14B, now I am a 24C, " said Jodie as she pulled a bra out of her bag that she brought with her.
Wendy laid out flat on the ground. Her breasts and Tummy stretched out, but it was still obvious that she was pregnant. She rubbed her tummy and said, "I'm going to be pregnant, and before I give birth, I want to be mega pregnant, not just pregnant, but I want people to hold my tummy because it is so big."
Jodie laid down near her and said "I want to be really pregnant and wear a bikini and suntan on the back lawn near your pool. And if anyone looks at me strange, I'll just pat my tummy and say, "Stuff you. I'm happy,"
Wendy looked over to Jodie and asked, "So are you happy to be pregnant ?"
"Yes I am, I have never felt so happy in my life, growing a baby in my beautiful body. I want to make sure I remember this by taking as many photos as possible, so I'll look back and be happy," Jodie answered, as she felt her baby kick. Jodie then rubbed her tummy where the kick came from.
"Yeah, I'm happy too, and I want to get even more pregnant," said Wendy. Wendy picked up the camera near her and took a photo of the both of them lying next to one another with their pregnant bellies filled with babies.
"What do you want to do tomorrow ?" asked Wendy.
"We better do something about our labor exercises. I'll borrow one of those videos from my video store which has the exercises in them." said Jodie, as she got up and put on a bra and a large T-shirt to hide the belly and busted jeans.
"Okay, that sounds cool. Bring along a set of leotards," said Wendy as Jodie walked out the door.
That night under the shower Wendy first noticed her baby kick out a her tummy a little bit. She giggled as she poured the shower water over it.

The next day...

Wendy got up. Her tummy was now the size of a normal six month pregnant lady. Wendy groaned as she arched her bloated body up into a sitting position then she stood up. She looked at herself in the full length mirror. Her belly was now the size of a normal basketball. She hugged her belly and her baby kicked. Her belly felt so warm and round. Then she noticed that her breast were so big and heavy that they were rubbing on the top of her belly. She put one hand underneath each breast and lifted them up. "Time to get another bra," thought Wendy. She turned around to face her drawers. She remembered that she had get ready for Jodie to come around for a labor fitness thing. She picked out a pair of bike pants to wear. The top of the pants stretched out enough to cover the bottom of the belly. "Thank god for lycra," thought Wendy. Then she searched for some leotards which would fit her. She pulled out three pairs. The first pair had a large hole where her tummy is. Her tummy stuck out of the whole like a huge pimple out of a teenager's face. She felt that this pair of leotards were uncomfortable. Then she chose another pair. These leotards stretched out so far around her tummy, that the left the leg holes ten inches wide. Then she chose the last pair. These stretched better and were comfortable. Then she got breakfast and waited for Jodie.
Jodie's mum was a health freak. Jodie's mum still had her pair of leotards which she wore when she was pregnant with Jodie. Jodie grabbed these and put them on. They fitted comfortably. She up on a dress to hide the leotards then walked down to the video library to grab a pregnancy fitness video. As she walked up to the counter to get the video checked out, she noticed that the lady who was working out at the counter was pregnant too.
"Hi, my name is Sarah. How many months are you ?" asked Sarah.
"Oh, just six, I think," answered Jodie as she rubbed her tummy.
"Yeah, I'm nearly ready to burst," said Sarah as she checked out the video. She then patted her tummy.
"OK, I'll probably see you when I come back," said Jodie as she walked out.
"OK, see ya," said Sarah.
Jodie arrived at Wendy's place. Wendy answered the door. "Nice leotards, " said Jodie.
Jodie took off her dress to show her leotards. "Yeah, yours look good too. Let's measure ourselves." said Wendy, patting her tummy.
Jodie measured Wendy's tummy. "You have grown another 6 inches !" said Jodie. Wendy cuddled her tummy. Wendy then measured Jodie and said "You have grown 6 inches too !"
Jodie got the tape out of her bag and said, "Let's go and do some exercises." Wendy grabbed the video and put it into the VCR. Over the next hour the girls grunted and groaned as they went through each exercise. After the video finished, the two girls walked out into the kitchen. Wendy's leotards has a huge sweat patch between her breasts, while Jodie's has one on her tummy. They poured themselves some water and drunk it.  Wendy rubbed her tummy and asked, "Do you feel horny ?"
"Yes," answered Jodie as she felt her breasts.
"Do you want to have sex with me, pregnant belly against pregnant belly ?" asked Wendy.
This made Jodie really horny. She answered, "Yes, I'll have a shower first."
"I'll get dressed into something comfortable," smiled Wendy as she wiggled her touché and walked into her bedroom. "See you here later," Wendy said as she rubbed her tummy.
Later after the shower Jodie walked into Wendy's bedroom in the nude. Wendy was standing with a camera in her hand. She was wearing a lace teddy, which just fitted around her big, pink belly. Her breasts were held up in the bra section of the teddy. Wendy took a photo of Jodie. She passed the camera to Jodie and said, "Take a photo of me, in my teddy," as she cuddled her bloated belly. Jodie did this. Wendy laid on the bed, waiting for Jodie. Jodie laid down on top of her, knocking her pregnant belly into Wendy's belly. They both giggled. Wendy then started to cuddle Jodie, although she couldn't get her hands around her because of her belly. Wendy then started to grope Jodie's breasts, while at the same time Jodie pulled down Wendy's teddy and started to suck on her breasts. Both the girls' babies were kicking now, due to the activity. Jodie then started to rub Wendy's bloated belly, which made Wendy cry out in joy. Then the girls grabbed one another and held each other tightly to one another. Their breasts started to lactate and they started to get sweaty. Wendy tried to turn Jodie around so her bottom was on top of her pussy so she could rub Jodie's tummy, but they were so pregnant that Jodie kept on falling off. After a few minutes the girls were that tired that they fell asleep in one another's arms for a few hours.
A few hours later Wendy got up, put on a night shirt and walked to the bathroom to weigh herself. She usually weighed at 50 kgs, but now, being pregnant, she weighed 70 kgs ! She rubbed her tummy and said to it,  "Jeez, you're heavy."
Jodie got up and put on her dress. She felt hungry, so she walked into the kitchen to grab something to eat. She noticed that her belly button was now flat, not like the innie she used to have. She grabbed some pieces of bread. As she ate she felt herself swell a little. Wendy walked in and kissed her. Wendy rubbed her nightshirt where her tummy was pulling apart the buttons. She moaned, "I have put on 20 kgs since I have gotten pregnant."
Jodie looked at herself and said, "Yeah, I probably have too."
The girls walked into the lounge room and slumped into the couch. Their bellies were so big now that they could not see the TV because their tummies obstructed the view. Wendy balanced the remote controller on the top of her tummy. "I knew it would come in use for something," she said as she pushed the on button. The TV turned on and a god awful talk show came on. This one had a whole stack of pregnant teenagers talking on it. There was a girl who looked like she was thirteen and had twins in her tummy. Jodie rubbed hers and said, "I wish I was that pregnant."
Wendy rubbed hers and said "I'll like it, but it would be impossible to sleep with that mount. Like it is already hard with it this size, and I get woken up everytime I roll on it."
Jodie faced Wendy and asked, "Do you have any of that potion left ?"
Wendy answered, "Yes. Why not tomorrow we try and see how pregnant we can really get?"
Jodie like this idea. "Yeah," she answered.
Jodie walked to the door and picked up her bag. "See you tomorrow, when we'll be really big." she said.
"Yeah," said Wendy.
That night when Jodie was putting on the shirt she usually wears to bed, she noticed that it was always loose and floppy on her when she was thin, but now it clung tight and she couldn't button up around her tummy.
"Tomorrow, I won't be able to button up even one button, I hope." she said as she fell asleep.

The next and last day of their pregnancy...

Wendy woke up. It was really hard for her to get out of bed today. She looked at her tummy. It was the size of a blown up beach ball. Five days ago it was as flat as a board, but today she looked a normal girl with a lead beach ball attached to herself. She arched her back as she got into a sitting position. Her breasts now sat on the top of her tummy. She got up and noticed now when she walked that she waddled. She waddled over to her wardrobe to find something to up on. She picked up her bikini top and put it on. The lycra stretched enough to cover her large breasts comfortably. She then got a pair of bikini knickers to put on. These did not slide down her tummy when she put them on, unlike her other pair of knickers. Then she tried to find something to cover her tummy. "This will be like mission impossible," thought Wendy. She found a large size shirt at the back of her wardrobe. It fitted on perfectly and all the buttons did up. "Perfect !" said Wendy to herself. She then noticed her baby kick. She rubbed her large tummy. "Mmmm, this is nice being so pregnant," she thought. She then waddled out to the kitchen to grab something to eat.
Meanwhile Jodie was having the same difficulties getting up. Her bronzed belly stuck out a mile, while her bellybutton had become an outie. Her tummy hung over her crotch and her breasts were so big that they hung halfway down her tummy. She looked at herself in the mirror, taking views from different sides. "I feel huge," said Jodie to herself. She then started to search for something to wear. She found another nightshirt which fitted comfortably on her body. The she found a pair of overalls. She looked like a true pregnant woman now. "Now to grab a bikini, so I can sunbake with my huge tummy," she thought as she grabbed her bikini top and pants. Her tummy wiggled about everytime she moved. She cuddled her tummy then walked out the door to go to Wendy's place.
Wendy answered the door. After Wendy had her breakfast she noticed that her shirt was getting tight around her bulging abdomen. She answered the door. In came Jodie's tummy followed by Jodie. "My backside is still at my house," giggled Jodie as she walked through the door.
Wendy then cuddled Jodie, although they could not do this perfectly due to their large tummies. Jodie sat down in the couch. Wendy grabbed her camera and said, "I'll take some photos, before we drink the potion. Jodie stood up and got some side shots of her large tummy sticking out in her overalls. Then Jodie took photos of Wendy in her overstretched shirt. They both sat down and patted one anothers tummies. "I'm so large, that I need a large vehicle sign," said Jodie, rubbing her bellybutton. Wendy got up. "Let's measure ourselves, before we get even more pregnant." she said.
Jodie got up. She measured Wendy. Now Wendy had a 35 inch waistline and her tummy stuck out twelve inches from her body. Wendy rubbed her tummy and said,"Well, I am porky now, aren't I ?"
Jodie answered, "I'll be bigger than you."
"You're always bigger than me," whined Wendy.
"Well, measure me and we'll see," said Jodie.
Wendy measured Jodie. Jodie's waist line was now 37 inches, with her tummy sticking out 13 inches. "See," said Jodie.
"I'll be bigger than you when I have the potion," giggled Wendy as she clutched her tummy.
Wendy walked into her room and grabbed the bottle. It was 3/4 full. Wendy then pour out the liquid in two halves.
"Let's get real big, I mean triplets big," said Jodie.
"Yeah," said Wendy.
The girls picked up the glasses. At the count of three they swigged it down at the same time. Nothing happened for a few seconds then...
Wendy felt her tummy stretch. Her shirt was getting stretched to its limits. Then the buttons broke off, one by one. First the one near her belly button, then the higher than that. Wendy laid down on the floor as her belly kept on growing. Her pink belly stretched past though her shirt like the magic beanstalk. Then her breasts broke out of her shirt, but were still in her bikini top. Her tummy still kept on growing. She was now twice the size that she was before. Then her bikini top burst, with her large breasts spilling over onto the floor. Then her bikini bottom started to slide down her tummy. "When is this going to stop" said Wendy to Jodie. Then it stopped finally after a few minutes. Wendy looked up and all she saw was belly and breast. Her arms could not even reach her belly button.
Meanwhile Jodie felt her overalls getting tighter. Her straps near her breasts, which kept the overalls on were under stress as her belly expanded. Then One of them broke. Jodie tried to hold it up, then the other one broke. Her shirt was still loose on her as her overalls broke away from her belly. She then fell onto the floor. She watched as the creases on her shirt around her tummy starting to stretch out flat. Her breasts were also making inroads to breaking out of her shirt. Then she her a ping, as the first button on her shirt broke off. Then ping! ping! ping! All around her belly the buttons broke off, make her bronzed belly stick out of her shirt. Her belly expand some more then her breasts broke out of her shirt. She tried to hold down her belly, but it kept on expanding. Then after a few more minutes it stopped. Jodie tried to look up but all she saw was breast and belly. "Where are you Wendy ? " asked Jodie.
"Behind my belly," answered Wendy.
Jodie got up, but it was no use. All she could still see was belly. Then she grabbed the table and lifted her swollen body off the floor. Now she looked huuugggeee. She looked over to Wendy. She was like a whale beached. Jodie looked at Wendy's large belly and asked cheekily, "Is that a beached whale ?"
"Ha, ha, very funny. Help me up." laughed Wendy.
Jodie tried to pull Wendy up, but all it did was make Jodie fall on her tummy.
"Are you all right ?" asked Wendy.
"I'm fine," answered Jodie, "I've got all of this padding," she said as she rubbed her tummy.
A few minutes later they managed to get up. Wendy grabbed the tape measure and wheeled it around Jodie's tummy. "You have grown to 65 inches !" said Wendy, suprised.
Jodie grabbed the tape and wheeled it around Wendy's pink bloated belly. "66 inches, you are bigger than me now," said Jodie. Wendy smiled. Wendy picked up the camera and took photos of Jodie's bronzed budging tummy. Then she took a side shot of Jodie. Jodie's breast stuck out at least 20 inches, while her tummy stuck out 30 inches. "I really now fell fat," said Jodie, trying to cuddle her tummy. Wendy took a full frontal shot of Jodie.
Jodie then grabbed the camera. She took a photo of Wendy stretched out on the floor, with her breasts like hills to her huge tummy looked like a huge semi circle circus tent. Then Jodie took a full frontal shot of Wendy. Wendy cuddled her breasts and said, "I'm big now, what do we do ?"
"We'll sunbake," said Jodie.
The girls waddled outside. Their huge bellies were leading the way, knocking into doors and trees. Then Wendy laid down on one banana lounge and Jodie on another. They lied there, sunbaking their huge tummies. Then Wendy got up and jumped into the pull. She felt her tummy and large breasts bounced about when she landed into the pool. The cool water made her happy, as she felt her poor bloated schoolgirl belly. She was only thin a few days ago. Now look at her. Big, pregnant. Jodie got up and joined her in the pool. Wendy felt her baby kick.
"My baby must like the water," said Wendy.
"Mine likes anything," said Jodie, who up her arms under her huge belly.
Wendy then felt something, like a contraction. She got out of the pool. He breasts and tummy gleamed from the water being on them. Then another contraction. "I think I'm going to have my baby now," said Wendy, fearfully. Jodie got out of the pool and waddled as fast as she could to Wendy. Then she felt a contraction.
"Me too," said Jodie as she griped her tummy.
Wendy then fell on the ground, crying in pain. Her contractions got closer. Then Jodie fell down, she too crying in pain as the contractions got closer. Then Wendy felt something coming out of her vagina. "Could this be a baby ?" she wondered as the pain got worse. Jodie then also felt something coming out of her. Her tummy wiggled and jiggled as the baby(ies?) start to come out. Wendy noticed the shape of her tummy getting longer as the baby(ies?) went down the birth canal. Then Wendy had one baby, then another. Jodie too had two babies. The girls passed out, then woke up a few minutes later.
  The babies were gone. "Where have they gone ? Was this a dream ?" asked Wendy. The answer was yes, the babies had disappeared, only a figurement of their imaginations, but they were pregnant, because their bellies were still bulging out, but smaller now. Wendy got up and pulled Jodie up. The cuddled their tummies then walked inside quietly. Wendy noticed the picture of her, first pregnant, in her black swimsuit.
The next day their pregnant bellies and huge breasts disappeared, like they were not their in the first place. There was no stretch marks or anything. Wendy's breasts were bigger than normal, but that was all. The only things that reminded them of their pregnancies were the photos.
This is the first pregnancy erotic story I made
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning! Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the staff in the hospital so the More-government decided that best idea was to get rid of her so they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong the machine they were using went wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died. Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on a Monday night at 12:00 a.m. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, and she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake. apparently, if you copy and paste this to ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow.You will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in you
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Dude... don't steep that low
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Great story
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That was very well done. I liked it
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Interesting, first time coming across a pregnancy erotic piece. It's quite interesting, can't say I'm a fan of it but it wasn't bad at all. Lol, I'm curious to see what else your imaginative mind can create. Kudos! :)
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*starts chanting*SEQUAL SEQUAL SEQUAL!!!!
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great story, but other than that I have two words for you, SPELL CHECK
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wow.....i like it
did u make a sequel to this
thnks for the story
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Nicely written but... what the hell!?
And they wanted to get pregnant more D:

Sorry to say this but.... This story is REALLY Fucked up. sucked too.
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wow...i love this story...

it would probably be to much to ask for a sequel XD
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Wow, brilliance.
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Thank you. A bit of a pregnancy fan are you?
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Thanks for the nice comments :)
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You're welcome.
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